A nice way to understand a culture is by eating and exploring it's food. At Edladleni's you can learn everything about Swazi and African indigenous foods. The restaurant is situated on the road to Mvubu Falls, right across the river. The hostess "Dolores" is a well educated an inspiring woman who's always ready for a nice chat about the 'roots' of food and how to grow, cook and eat in a way that is less harmfull for the environment and your own body.

Whilst staying at Mvubu Falls you could go over to Edladleni to experience a glance of the African cultural heritage. But it is advisable to book a full arrangement in advance where you can experience Dolores' empathy and knowledge about foods, plants, nature conservation, nutritious values, etc. She'll name and discuss you an endless list of mind challenging and tweaking facts.

As every encounter with Dolores and Edladleni is an unknown factor of influences it is nearly impossible to describe these events in detail or even to time point them but it will definately be an experience not to forget.

Feel free to contact us for information and bookings.

Edladleni Edladleni Edladleni Edladleni

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